The open-source hybrid MP3 player/browser software Songbird has announced a new version - 1.2. The update adds library management and iTunes integration, among other things.

For starters, Songbird now will automatically organise library files and consolidate them in one place. You can make it customise the folder structure and the filenames based on track metadata.

Also, if you're using iTunes, you can automatically bring new iTunes library tracks and playlists into Songbird. Songbird will sync them to your iPhone or iPod, alongside any other web content you've downloaded with the software's built-in browser. integration has been improved, so that you can play artist, tag and user radio stations in Songbird. The radio directory has also been added, so you can explore relationships between tags and artists.

Lastly, the update brings some much-needed performance enhancements for the software. Faster search, faster track selection and deletion, fewer running threads and fewer crashes.

If you spend a lot of time on MP3 blogs and music websites, Songbird might be just the thing you need for browsing the web and downloading music. Give it a go at the link below.