Caterina Fake, the founder of Flickr, has had some time on her hands since selling her company to Yahoo!. She's been using it productively though, it seems, because she's just launched Hunch - a website that claims to be a "social decision engine".

The basic idea is a little bit like those quizzes that we all used to do on email and MySpace and are slowly infiltrating Facebook. You ask a question, and if it's in Hunch's database, it'll request a bit more info.

From that, it works out an answer for you. For example, this morning we learnt that we definitely should ask our co-worker on a date (not sure how our girlfriends would feel about that) and that we should be supporting Hull City FC.

If the question you want answered isn't in the database, then you can add it yourself. The site's built like a wiki, so you can edit most questions if you don't think they're accurate enough. Not everything though.

Hunch seems like a good bit of fun, but we wouldn't recommend you take its recommendations as gospel. Now, where do I get a Hull season ticket from?