's founders Felix, RJ and Martin have announced that they're going to be leaving the company. In a blog post, the founders said that they were "extremely proud of what we’ve achieved together".

The company was bought by CBS in 2007, and the founders will be handing the reins over full-time to the company. They promise that there's still much more to come: "Recent product releases such as the new visual radio, and the on XBox announcement, are an indication of how much more will achieve".

What the founders will be going on to do remains the mystery. The official answer is: “a much needed holiday”, but we've heard whisperings of a secret new project. More when we get it.

Update: The three will be staying on in "consultancy roles" for three months, and will be choosing their successors. Whatever project they move on to, it looks like it'll be some time before it's publicly announced.