Live music website Songkick has announced an update which allows users to create their own personal "gigographies".

The new version brings a "social concert database" which aims to catalogue and document every gig that has ever occurred with sound and video recordings, as well as setlists and reviews.

It launches with one million gigs in its history, which you can mark as having attended with just a click of a button. The complete tour history is included for thousands of artists.

The history goes back as far as Bob Dylan playing at Karen Wallace's home in 1960, and also includes future events like Michael Jackson's O2 gigs planned for 2010. If your favourite gigs aren't in the database, then you can add them. There's also the option to track individual artists and venues.

Songkick CEO Ian Hogarth told Pocket-lint: “An amazing concert can change your life, and some concerts have been landmark cultural events. We wanted to give these events a place to live forever, online, so we’ve spent a year aggregating Songkick’s social database (to) serve as a testament to the history of live music.”