The UK government's culture secretary, Andy Burnham, has announced that "technical measures" may be implemented, as part of the fight against illegal file-sharing.

Later this month, Lord Carter's "Digital Britain" report is due, and the measures contained within on how to deal with file-sharing have been eagerly anticipated by ISPs and content providers. Both have been arguing for the past year over who should cut off offenders.

Talking to Music Week's "Making Online Music Pay" conference, Burnham said that it was likely that there would be a requirement for ISPs to notify subscribers who share content illegally. A simple notification has been offered by the ISPs before, but stops short of cutting off connections.

He also said however, that the government reserves the right to apply "technical measures" against persistent offenders: “Applying these measures will be a serious business, and not one we take lightly, but it is right that they are in place”.

No further detail was given, prompting speculation that Burnham doesn't really know exactly how the technical side of things would work yet either, but he ruled out a "three-strikes" policy like the French government's approach.

Update: Andy Burnham is now Health Minster! There's no word yet on who'll be replacing him.