A week after the site's official launch, Stephen Wolfram has revealed in a blog post that his new "computational knowledge engine" is approaching 100 million queries. "It's been a great first week", Wolfram says.

Seemingly pleased with the response from the online community to the new launch, the British physicist says: "It's remarkable that in just one week, there’s already a whole community springing up around Wolfram Alpha - with our own Community site and many independent sites".

Wolfram reveals that in the past 7 days, the site has seen "no less than 55,000 feedback messages" that include: "Suggestions. Encouragements. Corrections. Obvious things. Incredibly obscure things".

Wolfram claims a 75% success rate for users getting the info they needed from searches, but states: "There's still a lot of polishing to do" with a few hundred changes already rolled out and more promised for the weeks ahead.