Apparently TalkTalk customers used to have to deal with a massive hassle when they moved house.

If they moved into a non-cable area, then they would have had to sign up to BT for a 12-month contract in their new property, and then immediately cancel it to switch back to TalkTalk, incurring a £120 fee.

However, a new service offered by the company claims that it's able to reduce that cost to £30 for existing customers, and £60 for new ones. The Home Mover service arranges all the paperwork for you, too.

All existing customers have to do, says the company, is contact TalkTalk on 0870 444 1820 as soon as they have a moving in date - at least 14 days before they move. New customers can ring 0800 049 1424 to register for the service.

Wendy Becker, MD of TalkTalk, told Pocket-lint: "Customers have more than enough to worry about when moving home, so we're pleased to be able to take the hassle - and a lot of the cost - out of the process of getting your home phone and broadband up and running".