We've been so busy launching new features on the site that we didn't realise that earlier in the week we smashed through the 10,000 comment marker.

It's been almost a year to the day that we launched comments on Pocket-lint and judging by the numbers it's been popular.

You Pocket-linters like to talk, with on average 27 comments being made a day, however that number is growing. So far in May we've already had over 600 comments in the first 19 days and we've still got plenty of the month to go.

Commenting on the stories we post is really easy. All you have to do to have your say is fill in the comment box below and answer the reCaptcha question.

If you want to bypass the reCaptcha all together (and who wouldn't), just sign up to become a Pocket-lint member and whenever you're logged in you can just comment away.

If you are one of our commentators then thanks for making the site a really good place to be, if you aren't it's really easy, so feel free to comment below.