Music producer Danger Mouse shot to fame in 2004 with "The Grey Album" - a mashup of the Beatles' "The White Album" and Jay-Z's "The Black Album".

EMI, who owns the copyright for the Beatles' tracks, weren't too pleased as he hadn't asked permission. They ordered him and retailers carrying the album to immediately cease distribution.

His new album, Dark Night of the Soul, has run into similar legal problems. Although it's unclear what the exact issue is with the recording, it means that Danger Mouse is unable to release the record in a traditional manner.

Instead, he's offering a blank CD-R with the clear label: "For Legal Reasons, enclosed CD-R contains no music. Use it as you will". It comes packaged with either a poster or a limited-edition book of photos by director David Lynch.

The record itself is available for streaming on NPR's website, though it's unclear how long it'll remain available there. Many torrent and file-sharing sites are also offering the album for download, including the Pirate Bay.

The album features guest appearances from various indie/rock luminaries, including Jason Lytle, Iggy Pop, Frank Black, Julian Casablancas and Suzanne Vega.