This morning, during a routine IT infrastructure upgrade, Tesco's till system went belly-up leaving queues of unhappy shoppers snaking around its stores.

As a result, 67 of Tesco's 2184 UK stores had to close. Luckily, the self-service checkouts were immune from the glitch, which meant that most major stores were able to remain open, albeit with a more limited service.

"We have had an IT update overnight, which has affected a minority of our stores. They have had to reboot the tills in those stores", a spokesperson told the BBC.

"We have already heard of plenty of instances where stores have rectified the problem, and we are very confident it will be cleared up very soon".

Pocket-lint staff were affected - one of our resident hayfever sufferers was almost left without tissues. Did you also suffer the wrath of the IT gods in Tesco this morning? Let us know which stores were affected in the comments box below.