Following the news that the website for people to register online for the 2010 London Marathon was down for most of yesterday, Pocket-lint got in touch with the new sponsors for the event, Virgin Money, for comment. fell over under the weight of demand, with those trying to enter online from 9am on 27 April, when registration for next year's race supposedly officially opened, faced hours of disappointment as the site went - and stayed - down.

Pocket-lint's news story about the site's outage has seen over 240 comments from those affected, most of them angry with their lack of success in trying to get registered, despite many trying for hours at a time.

"The London Marathon team informed us that there was unprecedented levels of demand for the 2010 race given the success of Sunday's event", a Virgin Money spokesperson told Pocket-lint.

"Extra capacity was added to the site by the London Marathon team yesterday and tens of thousands (40,000) of people have now successfully entered. We thank people for their patience and apologise for any inconvenience caused".