With the 2009 London Marathon run, sponsorship of the world famous event moves to Richard Branson's Virgin Money, with a new, 5-year, sponsorship deal worth £17m.

The London Marathon has been synonymous with Flora over the past 13 years of sponsorship and with the change in sponsor comes a change in website.

Unfortunately virginlondonmarathon.com got off to a false start on Monday morning, as the site quickly stumbled and fell as the online entry ballot opened up, leaving potential runners frustrated.

Online entry is in its second year for the London Marathon, allowing runners to enter the race without having to collect a copy of Runners News from their local store and writing a cheque.

If Virgin Money want to cash in on the post-marathon high, they'll need to get their website back up and running... (sorry, couldn't resist it)

UPDATE: Virgin Money has apologised to Pocket-lint about the site's issues - see news story below for more.