Here at Pocket-lint we often get asked what's the hottest piece of kit we're playing with, well from today you can now see.

Following feedback from you, the reader, we have launched yet another new feature on Pocket-lint. This time it's a new module on our modular based homepage that lets you see the most popular reviews we've posted over the last 30 days on the site.

As with all our modules, you can see between 1 to 10 story links at a time, opt to display images or not and move it to a location on the screen that suits you. As always you are in full control.

If you want to stay up to date with the latest popular reviews why not move the module from the homepage into the Quick View box in the right hand column of the site. Doing so will then allow you to see it on every page regardless of where you are on the site.

If you've yet to customise your homepage (it's really easy) the new module will automatically appear on the homepage. For those who have already gone for the customisation option (it's really easy honest) you can add the module by pressing on the "Customise homepage" text in the blue bar next to the search box and then ticking the "Popular reviews" box.


Stuart and the Pocket-lint team.