RM has updated its RM One PC with a revamp that is said to be more robust, more secure and saves more space in the classroom.

Now with "tamper-proof" height adjustable locks, an integral web cam, a carry handle and a multi card reader, the PC offers a glass screen and a black surface so graffiti won't show up as well.

The new 19-inch One offers four, wide spaced USB ports, a volume control dial, FireWire, headphone and microphone sockets all at the front of the casing.

Based on the AMD 780V chipset/ATi Radeon 3100 graphics, specs include a 160GB HDD, Windows XP or Vista and 1GB RAM.

On the green side of things, 20% of the plastic used in the PC has been recycled, its packaging is recycled and it has an eco setting.

The RM One is available to educational establishments now for around £625.