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(Pocket-lint) - From June Pocket-lint will be reporting from New York, as well as London, bringing you news from America as it happens.

As the world becomes smaller, and our readership bigger, we acknowledge that getting you the biggest stories as they happen means we have to be in plenty of places at once.

So from June, Pocket-lint will be setting up an office in New York, USA, bringing you all the latest stories from the US as they happen, but still with the UK perspective you know and love.

The move will mean we are the only UK-owned gadget site with a full-time dedicated US office.

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The upside for UK readers is that we will be able to bring you the low down on the latest kit from the world of technology and gadgets extending our news coverage to almost around the clock status.

For US visitors, welcome - we've just become even more relevant to you, writing stories that you are interested in, covering topics that you want. We'll be on your turf bringing a little bit of Britain with us, asking those tough questions and attempting to get the scoops ahead of the game.

Of course the best thing about all this is that with our massively customisable home page you'll be able to take the news you want and ditch the stuff you don't.

Exciting times.

Writing by Stuart Miles.