It is no secret that Xobni is one of our favourite apps, making Outlook into, well, the application it should be.

Xobni has announced that the software is now out of beta and is offering version 1.7 for users to download. The innovative application has also attracted $10m of investment from BlackBerry and Cisco – perhaps we'll see some Xobni love on BlackBerry handsets in future?

The new software, Xobni claims, has been further tweaked, so that Outlook will now start 31% faster, profiles will load 42% faster, as well as some tweaks to user control of the system. They've also ironed out some conflicts, so we guess that justifies coming out of beta for.

But the thing that intrigues us the most is the teasing announcement of an Easter Egg, a hidden surprise, that will reveal itself in the sidebar in coming weeks.

What will the surprise be? Perhaps it will be an option to add Xobni-indexed people in to your Outlook contacts...