It seems wearing your favourite club's kit just isn't enough to show your love for your footie team, you need to eat, sleep and breath the club mantra.

Luckily die-hard footie fans will be able to show that love for their team with the launch of a new toaster that will brand their team's name on a slice of toast.

Called the Team Toaster, it's available for fans supporting Arsenal, Rangers, Chelsea, Celtic, West Ham United and strangely Scotland who also fancy a spot of toast at breakfast.

The company behind the idea has told Pocket-lint they are already talking to other "major" clubs to make sure all footie fans are happy. Corporate deals haven't been ruled out either.

The toaster, which takes two slices of bread and brands them with a logo, initials or team name costs £45 and is available from the football club's official site or Team Toaster's creators - Tinbone.