The UK's typical "shopping basket", as decided by the Office for National Statistics, has seen a tech-themed update for the second year in a row.

This time last year USB flash drives were added to the basket, which supposedly represents what a typical UK adult shops for, and this year it's Blu-ray discs that have been added.

The ONS updates its 650-strong basket of goods and services annually, to better reflect public spending habits and to calculate the Retail Prices Index inflation measure.

"Portable video players" have also been added, says the Beeb, which we assume means digital PMPs rather than portable DVD players.

A Freeview set-top box is another high tech addition, but MP3 players and rentals from DVD hire shops are out.

"Trends in consumer technology often impact on the inflation basket and this year is no exception", the ONS said.

Non-tech additions this year include rose wine, rotisserie chickens and hardwood flooring.