MP3 download site has announced a partnership with the open-source, customisable media player, Songbird.

The partnership will see's music store integrated within the Songbird player, and will allow Songbird users in the US and Europe to buy, download and transfer music from's MP3 catalogue.

Similar to how iTunes works, users can click the music store link from a menu within Songbird to access the store, without ever quitting the Songbird application.

Then once a user buys and downloads a track or album, it is automatically downloaded into the user's Songbird library.

In an attempt to keep you buying, the 7digital store will also make music recommendations based on the most recently played songs in Songbird.

The 7digital and Songbird integrated service is available now with direct purchase of MP3s available in the US, UK, Ireland, Germany, France, Spain, Austria, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands, Portugal and Switzerland.

Head over to the Songbird website to download the media player to get started.