Last year, Wikipedia announced a partnership with PediaPress in Germany that would allow people to put together their own printed version of a Wikipedia encyclopaedia, including articles of their choice.

Now, the wiki-to-print version has been activated for six more languages as well as German, and the functionality is also being tested on the regular English Wikipedia.

This option is currently only available for registered users at the moment, but allows you create a table of contents and different chapters, and then download your customised book for free as a PDF file.

If you'd prefer, you can also order your book in hard copy from PediaPress itself with a colour cover and black and white interior.

The cost of your book will depend on the number of pages you choose to have, but will start at an $8.90 base fee for 100 pages. You'll have to pay more for shipping.

Head over to Wikipedia for more information, but you may want to check out the instructions first.