Swinxs, a new games console aimed at children, is available online from today, and will hit store shelves on Wednesday.

Playable by up to ten people at any one time, the console comes pre-loaded with ten games that can be played both in and outside, and brings some old childhood games right up to date. More games and quizzes can be downloaded for free from the website.

Swinxs is designed for ages of four and above. The console can talk, explain games, recognise players and even act as a referee. Players each have their own coloured wristband complete with microchip, which communicates with Swinxs and allows them to be recognised.

Creator Eduard Zanen comments: “Swinxs is the perfect marriage between traditional games and technology, both of which children just love. It’s physical and creative for the kids and is safe and even educational which appeals to us parents. That’s why I got involved in Swinxs.”

The console is light and easy to carry, not to mention water resistant, and has the ability for four hours of playtime between charges.

You can play alone or with friends, and also join the Swinxs community online at Swinxs.com to learn new tricks and create your own games.

The ten pre-loaded games you'll find on the console are as follows:

1. Swinxs Dash
Pretty much a straight-forward race. Run to a fixed marker, and the first one to return to Swinxs is the winner.

2. CircleSwinxs
A bit like musical statues but, instead of freezing when the music stops, the first one to blip their band is the winner.

3. Quiz
Swinxs poses the questions, you answer them. Simple.

4. Count Down
Swinxs will count down from a random number in silence. You have to try to keep count and blip your wristband at the last possible moment.

5. Hide and Seek
Hide from the seeker and make a dash for Swinxs without being tagged, blipping yourself home to be safe.

6. Swinxsball
A circle is formed around Swinxs, one player remains in the circle and has to dodge the ball.

7. Jukebox
Download tracks and take a break with your favourite tunes.

8. Flyswatter
Requires speed, ood counting and has nerves of steel, and that's all we know...

9. Tag
Just like you played in the playground, Swinxs decides who’s ‘it’ and you’re off trying to tag everyone else. But in a twist, Swinxs can change the rules, so you have to keep your wits about you.

10. Far and Away
Listen carefully to a musical sample and judge how far you can run. At your furthest point, drop the marker and make sure you blip your wristband before the music ends.

Swinxs is available online now for £130.