Vivendi Games Mobile has announced the launch of Robert Ludlum’s The Bourne Conspiracy on mobile phones throughout Europe.

The mobile game, released just after console versions have gone live, allows players to become Jason Bourne – trained CIA assassin and marked government agent on the run.

The mobile experience features the signature Bourne-style action with a blend of hand-to-hand combat, gunplay, dramatic escapes and driving. It's certainly a whole lot of game for your little screen to handle.

“Fans of the movies, novels or anyone familiar with the relentless action synonymous with Jason Bourne now have the chance to become Bourne on their mobile phones,” said Paul Maglione, president of Vivendi Games Mobile. “The Bourne Conspiracy for mobile takes action-adventure mobile games to the next level as players experience a mix of exciting gameplay including driving, rappelling, parkouring and much more.”

The game features a fully interactive environment that allows players to use floors, doors, walls, and other features to take cover and wreak havoc on their enemies.

With seven unique environments including Zurich, Vilnius, Marseille and Paris, players will challenge enemies in an all out battles, with the ability to engage in hand-to-hand combat, access a variety of different weapons, disarm enemies and pick up ordinary objects as weapons and use them defensively. Players will also help Bourne escape intense chases by driving throughout the streets of Paris.

If this sounds like the game that will keep you quiet on your commute to work, it's available now.