The humble outboard motor used for getting you out on the high seas in your little dinghy has gone Eco friendly.

Torqeedo as it is called, is a German designed and built outboard motor that is powered by batteries rather than petrol.

Available in a range of sizes for anything from a canoe to RIB, the middle of the road offering offers the equivalent power to a 2 stroke 3.5 horse power petrol engine. The Travel 401 is almost half the weight (11.4Kg) runs virtually silently and promises you the ability to go backwards and forwards at the press of a button.

The battery itself can be charged by simply plugging it into the wall and offers around 45 minutes of power at full speed or 6 hours if you are prepared to just let the engine tick over all from a 4-5 hour charge.

Using lithium magnesium batteries, makers Torqeedo say that you'll be able to store the battery for up to 5 months without it losing its charge.

Additionally the makers tell us that the whole thing can be folded up and placed in the accompanying rucksack to take with you.

The downside? The Travel 401 will set you back around £1000, twice that of its petrol competition, but then you will be helping to save the planet.