Storage Appliance Corp, makers of the Clickfree system that we reviewed recently here on Pocket-lint, have added a new device to their line-up of simple automated backup solutions.

The Clickfree Transformer Cable is simply a USB cable that will convert any USB drive into a Clickfree backup drive. This means that those with existing drives can simply connect it to the Clickfree Transformer and all their backup needs will be taken care of, with no software install needed.

Clickfree point us to research that claims that their 85 to 95% of computer users fail to regularly backup content on their PCs because they do not have the time, desire or skill to install, set-up and use existing hardware and software solutions.

"…our new Clickfree Transformer Cable is the only way to make a regular external hard drive easy to use, requiring no software or configuration, and immediately backing up everything that matters from your computer’s hard drive", said Bryan McLeod CEO, Storage Appliance Corp.

The Clickfree Transformer Cable retails at £49.99, available now.