The Linux Foundation has announced a contest that will see fans of the open source operating system create "I'm a PC/Get a Mac" type videos.

The Foundation, acknowledging they can't spend millions promoting Linux on TV - "it's simply not our style (or in our budget)" - says it wants a video that "showcases just what Linux means to those who use it, and hopefully inspires many to try it".

The winner will receive a free trip to Tokyo, Japan to participate in the Linux Foundation Japan Linux Symposium in October 2009 while the winning video will be unveiled at a Linux event in San Fran in April 2009.

Open to anyone over 18, the Foundation's guidelines for the contest - and the video content - is as follows:

"In 60 seconds or less, showcase your take on 'I'm Linux'. This should be why you love it and should inspire others to use it. The video can be an extensive production, a plain testimonial or as simple as a screen capture with a voice over. Be creative, be authentic and have fun".

The contest opens on 26 January and will closes on 15 March, 2009.