Asus has revealed that the sales of Eee PC models pre-loaded with Linux have fallen dramatically following the availability of Windows XP versions.

Executives from Acer and Toshiba have told iTWire that more than 90% of their netbooks shipped were Windows XP models.

The Eee PC 701, launched in autumn 2007, debuted running Linux based on the Xandros build, but by March 2008 Asus was showing off models with Windows XP.

It seems although the Linux version of the netbooks could hardly be described as hard to use, it's the familiarity of the Windows platform that appeals to the average consumer.

"At the time of launch Linux volumes were higher as it was the only offering", a spokesperson for Asus said.

"ASUS recognised a demand for a Windows-based netbook. As such, the shift now is more towards Windows due to customer demand for Windows XP being that consumers are more familiar with the Windows platform".