A new mouse has launched that rethinks the traditional design for the input device as you can spin it and use it at any angle.

The world's first wireless 3-axis mouse, the company says it's a "fully integrated, intuitive control centre that redefines conventional mouse limitations".

The 2.4GHz wireless Orbita mouse, suitable for both Macs and PCs, has a small button that user press to set as "up" but then can be rotated continuously with one finger like a video or audio jog wheel or can be flicked to spin freely.

The mouse has a series of "squeeze" buttons which also work
from any angle to give a right click.

Promising only a light touch is needed, the company behind the design is angling it as good for those who work with multimedia apps, great for gamers and cool for consumers.

It's available now to pre-order for delivery in January for just over 82 euros.