The average teen - or more accurately the average teen-aged Bebo user - sends over 25 texts a day, research from the social networking site has revealed.

The global research, carried out on-site, also revealed that more than two-thirds of young people use their mobile phones and digital cameras "to keep a photographic record of their lives".

75% surveyed said they use social networking sites to share such pics and keep in touch with friends with almost half saying they had as many as 250 such friends they were in regular contact with.

Another interesting stat comes in for online video with nearly a third saying they watch more than 50 online vids a week.

"Communicating with one another is one of the most popular hobbies among teenagers today", said Sarah Gavin, global director of communications for Bebo.

"If technology enables them to do this more easily, then it makes the experience all the more appealing to them".