Ethoca - an organisation set up to make eCommerce safer for companies and web surfers alike - has signed up the world's third largest domain name and email provider.

Tucows has joined Ethoca's Global Fraud Fighting Community.

Explains Ethoca: "The biggest problem for domain providers is that most of the fraud they deal with comes from stolen credit cards used by fraudsters whose aim is to create new domains to launch phishing and spam attacks".

"Stopping the fraudster means eliminating the abuse that occurs before the account is abandoned or shut down due to criminal activity. This means reduced charge backs, tied up domain names, bandwidth usage and effects of spam and phishing".

Ethoca hopes that its community members will be able to work together to securely share order experiences.

“Tucows modern fraud management means keeping fraudsters at bay, but it also means ensuring a positive experience for our customers”, said Ross Rader, Director of Retail Services, Tucows.

“By working with the Global Fraud Fighting Community we reduce the need for manual fraud reviews and avoid delays for customers. This improves the experience and transparency for all parties involved in a transaction with us, from customers to partners to credit card companies”.