Yahoo has revealed its top searches of 2008 list, giving an indication of the year's most popular people, events and news.

Perhaps more an indication of the type of consumer that uses Yahoo, rather than a true snap shot of Britain's zeitgeist, the site reveals that celebrity scandal is the most searched for topic.

Britney Spears came top in the overall searches for the year, closely followed by Amy Winehouse, with the death of Batman star Heath Ledger the year’s top news story.

Somewhat depressingly, reality television shows have been huge news, with Big Brother and X Factor rating highly in the polls this year while the only real news event that captured the searcher's imaginations was the US election.

Here is Yahoo's list of most searched for topics in all its celeb-loving, soap-watching, low-brow glory:

1. Britney Spears
2. Big Brother
3. X Factor
4. Oasis
5. High School Musical 3
6. US Election
7. Amy Winehouse
8. Heath Ledger
9. Kate Moss
10. Eastenders