Apparently we Brits are spending more time surfing the net than any of our European counterparts.

According to research carried out by Ofcom, we are a nation of tech geeks, who can spend as much as 839 minutes per week online playing games and checking our profiles on Bebo, Facebook and MySpace.

Stats have been published for 12 nations, but the UK also led in offering the cheapest mobile, basic pay-television and broadband rates.

Broadband take-up in the UK is 60%, which is above the average in developed nations.

We Brits are apparently downloading music (with digital music accounting for 8% of the total music sales market), while half of us are social networkers.

Here's the results: Minutes per week spent online:

UK - 839
France - 794
Germany - 573
Italy - 523
USA - 913
Spain - 449

Percentage of social networkers:

UK - 50
France - 27
Germany - 34
Italy - 32
USA - 40
Canada - 55
Japan - 33