Teachers are seeing a rise in tech-related excuses from children who do not have their homework.

This rise comes with the increase in school children using home computers to complete (or not) homework, rather than using traditional pen and paper.

According to a survey by PIXmania.com, 70% of teachers out of the 1000 plus questioned noticed this rise in technology-based excuses.

Excuses include: "My computer crashed and I lost it" and "I couldn't print it out".

Children are being just as imaginative as in previous years, it's just that the home computer has replaced the family dog.

The survey revealed that 68% of children do their homework on a computer, and, as more tech-savvy than their teachers, can baffle them with plausible tech-related stories.

One in four teachers admitted that they were less likely to challenge student's computer-related issues than canine ones.