Storage Appliance Corp has unveiled a trio of new Clickfree automatic backup drives.

The new models feature larger capacities than previous launches, delivering 250, 320 and 500 GB of storage.

However, the main feature of the Clickfree Portable Backup HD225, HD 325 and HD525 is the ease of use. The manufacturer claims that these drives "turn the once-complex task of backing up important digital content such as photos, music, data and video into a completely automatic function".

And, adds Storage Appliance Corp, you don't need any software installed to get your drive to work - it will work straight out of the box.

The £114.99 Clickfree HD225 is red, features 250 gigabytes of capacity and can back up as many as 15 different PCs.

Next up is the 320GB HD325 which is £124.99, "royal blue" and can be used as a backup system for up to 20 different PCs.

And last up is the Clickfree HD525 which offers 500GB, comes in a pearl finish, can back up as many as 25 different PCs and its price is available on request.