MySpace has announced the launch of Profile 2.0, that it says is the next step in the site's global redesign.

The revamps will let users customise the appearance of their profiles using a new drag-and-drop user interface.

"Profile 2.0 is everything users have been asking for", said Tom Anderson, president and co-founder of MySpace.

"You can now make your profile look different to different groups of friends. It gives users the privacy and customization they want."

The key features included in Profile 2.0 are drag and drop modules to create new profile layouts, the option for users to display certain info on their profile to chosen groups of friends and 50 new profile styles and themes.

Perhaps learning from rival Facebook's new look, that proved unpopular with some users, the Profile 2.0 is very much an opt-in option - with the choice to return to the old look at any point.