It was rejected by the EU, but the French government has got one step closer to bringing in a "three strikes and you're out" policy towards internet surfers who download copyright material.

The French Senate has now voted overwhelmingly in favour of the measure.

In fact, 297 politician voted for and only 15 against in a cross-party vote.

The final vote will take place in the French National Assembly where the decision will be taken as to whether to turn the proposal into law.

The three strikes system was originally introduced a year ago as a memorandum of understanding between the government, ISPs and Big Content in France.

Meanwhile, over in the UK, the Green Party has criticised any plans to adopt a similar policy as "an attack on civil liberties" while a couple from Scotland were wrongly threatened with a lawsuit or fine for illegally downloading a game.

The case against the Murdochs has now been dropped after it was found neither had ever played a videogame.