For £3995, you could be the proud owner of what is being mooted as the world's fastest PC.

The YOYOTech Fi7EPOWER MLK1610 has walloped previous models using the peak integer rate test with its score of 130.

The title of the world's fastest machine was previously held by an 8-core SUN UltraSPARC system which managed a score of 85.5 (and costed loads of money).

The PC is built around an overclocked Intel Core i7 965 processor, and runs with 9GB of high-performance Corsair DDR3 memory on an Asus P6T mainboard.

Says the manufacturer, this memory configuration gives 18GBps throughput, "literally blasting past all other data transfer architectures".

Data transfer to and from other devices is claimed to be around 25.6GBps, using Intel’s QPI (Quick Path Interconnect) technology.

YOYOTech adds that the Fi7EPOWER MLK1610 boots from an 80GB Intel X25 Solid State Drive, but storage boosted to past 1 terabyte with the inclusion of a Samsung F1 data drive.

Pure graphics processing power is provided by the 2GB HIS 4870x2 card and there is also an LG Blu-ray MultiBurner for backing up your data.

YOYOTech’s owner, CK, explained the thinking behind this monster machine: "During our early discussions, we said that we need to forget about budget. That we can’t think that anything was ‘too good’ for this PC".

"We went back to the mindset you have as a child. Focusing 100% on the ‘I Want, I Want, I Want’ mentality. I told my guys to focus on 100% pure performance and the pride that goes with knowing that customers will own a piece of history."

"We are offering the best and most intelligent processing system ever."

Units will begin shipping towards the end of the month.