Its shares are falling, it is chopping staff, and now analysts say it is only a matter of time before there is a mutiny at Yahoo.

Allen Weiner, senior technologies analyst at Gartner, has gone on the record saying that Jerry Yang's days at Yahoo could be numbered, despite being co-founder and CEO.

And the reason - continued unhappiness at Yang's decision to repeatedly reject the advances of Microsoft.

Weiner said: "It is pretty clear that the decision not to accept Microsoft's offer was not a good move. Yang is in trouble".

Amonst those leading the revolt (yet again) is reputed to be billionaire investor Carl Icahn, who is a major shareholder, and also bitterly fought with Yang over the $44.6bn (£27.4bn) Microsoft takeover bid.

Icahn seemed to have been placated after he was allowed to join the board along with two of his cronies.

However, as Yahoo looks to cut its global staff numbers by as many as 1500 people and the company revealed that profits had fallen by two-thirds in the last quarter, there is unrest at the top again.