HMV has acquired Gamerbase, the company behind the multiplayer gaming centre based in HMV's Trocadero store.

Gamerbase first opened last December as a concession in the London store, but this deal will see many more gaming centres opening up in conjunction with the high street entertainment giant.

The first of these will be be in HMV’s Manchester Market Street superstore, expected to be opened by Christmas, and will feature over 50 player units occupying 2000 sq.ft.

The co-founders of the Gamerbase concept will lead the development of its format within HMV stores

Tim Ellis, HMV head of games, said: "We’ve been developing our games offer in a number of ways, and we see instore gaming as an important strand in our overall strategy".

"Where we roll them out, we’ll be looking to locate the Gamerbase centres next to our games departments to bring the whole offer together for our customers - so if someone’s enjoyed playing a game online, they can pre-order or purchase it there and then."

Gamerbase co-founder Dominic Mulroy added: "The model of a gaming cyber centre has been extended to include official competitions and events staged by games publishers, where gamers can prove their skills for a variety of fantastic prizes".

"So far, in 2008, Gamerbase has hosted various supplier events, who have offered a combined prize value in excess of £300,000. As Gamerbase expands around the country this will open up great opportunities for HMV to become involved in regional and national competitions, which, of course, will benefit the games industry as a whole."