For the fourth year, Tiscali has teamed up with Raindance Film Festival to offer free online viewing of some of the top entries.

From 2 to 12 October, nine movies will be shown online at the same time as they are being screened in cinemas for the London-based 2008 Raindance Film Festival.

The UK premiere of Choke, which is based on the book written by Fight Club author Chuck Palahnuik and starring Sam Rockwell and Angelica Houston, will open the festival in London's West End.

And, at 9pm, the film will also be available to watch online.

The festival will also include screenings of Brit flick One Day Removals and music documentary Agile, Mobile, Hostile about the life of R&B legend Andre Williams.

As well as the nine full length films, site visitors will also be able to view 15 exclusive short films.

Alex Hole, online media director at Tiscali, said: "Tiscali has worked with Raindance for the past four years to help bring the festival experience to a wider audience through the power of the internet".

"One of the challenges facing independent film makers is reaching a global audience and we are very happy to be able to help them achieve this goal by making their films available online for free."

Elliott Grove, founder of Raindance, said: "Film lovers no longer need to be in London to experience Raindance. Last year's online festival helped us bring the Raindance experience to a national and international audience and we look forward to recreating its success in 2008".