The team at Open AV are claiming that they can turn your pad into "an energy saving, digital entertainment centre" with its new software.

The package basically allows you to control the lighting, heating and digital entertainment in your property using a web-based platform.

This also means that you can "control" your property from anywhere in the world (which could be fun if you go away leaving behind family members who don't know about the package).

You can also control multiple dwellings from the same panel, and integrate your CCTV system if you have one.

And the software is also claimed to save you as much as 50% on your energy consumption levels.

So it's better for the environment but also means you can turn down the TV remotely if the kids are refusing to, or check all of the lights are off in your house before you go to bed, just by hitting one button.

Entertainment-wise - Open AV also acts as a digital streaming centre allowing you to view remotely any of the video sources from every connected device in your home "so if you are stuck in a hotel that offers no entertainment, simply log on and access your catalogue of stored DVDs and music or watch your recorded programmes from your Sky box".

Open AV Ltd is currently available from specialist custom installer, Install Automation.