Roberts Radio, perhaps realising how many batteries its users get through in a month has launched a battery recycling programme in the UK.

Blaming government delays in the implementation of a new EU directive that means Britain will have to start recycling up to 25% of all disposable batteries from the 26 September, Roberts says it's had to take things into its own hands.

The news means that you'll be able to recycle your dead batteries in 21 independent stores up and down the country for free.

According to Defra, over 600 million UK household batteries are sent to landfill each year.

"We are Britain's largest radio brand so we felt it was important to try to encourge our customers and other disposable battery users to recycle used units", said the company's boss.

There will be no cost involved in dumping your dead batteries in the plastic bins provided, although we're sure those electrical stores will be trying to tap you up for a new radio every time you walk through the door.