If a computer could ever be described as cute, it's certainly this one.

The Space Cube, surely the smallest computer in the world, measures two square inches on each side, and has been made by the Shimafuji Corporation. Only available in Japan, it has been designed, as its name would suggest, for use in space.

Inside the cute little cube is a processor with a top clock speed of 300Mhz and 16GB of on-board flash system. It runs on a Linux OS from a 1GB CompactFlash card.

There's a number of different ports, but most interestingly is the socket called the Space Wire port that links up to the proprietary systems NASA, RSA and JAXA (space agencies of the US, Europe and Japan) use. Very cool.

Not so cool is the price. It is reportedly going to cost around £1500 pounds. Lucky we aren't going into space any time soon.