The team over at PC Pro have gone into mourning as the Facebook app Scrabulous was finally taken down in the UK.

The application was removed for Facebookers in North America in July, because of a long running wrangle between Hasbro - which owns the rights to the board game - and the third party developers who created the Facebook application.

But now Mattel, which owns the rights over in Europe - has asked the Facebook team to take it down here too - and they have.

Facebook users are not being met with a warning that use of the application is restricted if they try and access it through the social networking site's search engine.

Indian brothers Jayant and Rajat Agarwalla, who created Scrabulous, are now facing a lawsuit, but this hasn't stopped either publicly venting their anger.

Jayant Agarwalla told AP: "It surprises us that Mattel chose to direct Facebook to take down Scrabulous without waiting for the [Indian court's] decision".

"Mattel's action speaks volumes about their business practices and respect for the judiciary."