A sports fanatic, who also happens to be a former programming exec, is taking on his old bosses and the likes of ESPN, by launching a social networking website just for sports fan.

SportsFanLive, which is now in Beta, combines chatting with Sports news.

Katz told the New York Times that he is going to focus on customisable content, social networking, and "more low-key fantasy games for users who may not have the time and ambition to maintain a season-long fantasy sports team".

Visitors will also be able to sign up to news bulletins brought to them condensed from 4500 sources.

Other key features include the FanFeed which you can use to share articles with friends, and also the FanFinder for swapping tips on where to find the best sports bar.

There is also a betting service called "BuxBets" where you can test your sports knowledge.

The website is expected to go out of Beta into full service this week sometime.