Luxury brand and fashion house Ralph Lauren is appealing to tech savvy shoppers with its latest service.

The company has invested significantly (although won't reveal how much) in technology that will allow mobile phone users to download a piece of software to then use their phone to scan barcodes on ads in magazines, and even in store windows, to be directed to a special mobile friendly version of the company's website.

David Lauren, senior vice president of advertising and son of designer and chief executive Ralph Lauren told Reuters: "We recognise that in America this is going after somebody who is more comfortable with technology".

"The truth is that in other countries, it's becoming a part of their culture. The trend is coming, and as a fashion company it's very important to identify trends and get ahead of them."

"This is about someone who's interested in our brand and interested in technology, and wherever the two meet, that's what's appropriate", Lauren said.