It makes sense really - the iPhone 3G is being stocked in the UK by the Carphone Warehouse - which has done a million dollar deal with Best Buy in the States, which will see the American retailer opening stores on this side of the Atlantic.

And now Best Buy has announced that it too is going to sell the iPhone 3G.

From 07 September, the company will be selling the next gen phone at almost 1000 locations throughout the US.

They will be the second 3rd party retailer to sell the iPhone after CPW.

Shawn Score, president of Best Buy's mobile division, said: "We think we'll have a good supply for our customers."

Best Buy says it has a national exclusive on the iPhone (outside of Apple and AT&T stores) through Christmas.

The retailer has Apple Macintosh sections at 600 of its stores.

There were rumours that a second US retailer - Radio Shack - will also be selling the iPhone 3G but this remains unconfirmed.