He has lost his appeal in the House of Lords, but British hacker Gary McKinnon, accused of breaking into US military and NASA computers, has now won a fortnight's "Interim Relief" from the European Court of Human Rights.

Glasgow-born McKinnon opted to take his fight to Europe after the law lords ruled that there is no reason for him not to face an American court case.

McKinnon had argued that he would not get a fair trial in the United States where officials are apparently out to see him "fry".

There - he is accused of hacking into 97 NASA and military machines - and even of breaking the system - an accusation the Americans claim is on a par with an act of terrorism.

McKinnon claims he was simply looking for information on UFOs.

The British hacker has now, however, now won a stay until 28 August when "his application [is] to be heard before the full chamber".