Nuance Communications has updated its speech recognition software package.

Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10 allows users to write documents and emails, search the web, and even control their PC entirely by voice.

"Because most people speak at least three times faster than they type, Dragon makes it possible to get things done more quickly by voice than by relying on keyboards and mice alone", explains Nuance.

And Dragon 10 is nearly twice as fast as the previous release and can deliver accuracy up to 99%, "while never making a spelling mistake", it adds.

In fact, the product actually learns from corrections over time.

The latest version includes new Dragon voice shortcuts, which collapse common multi-step tasks into direct voice commands.

For example, you could say: "Send email to Peter Mahoney and Steve Chambers", and Dragon will open the user’s email program, creates a new email and puts the appropriate contact names into the "to" box.

Another new tool is the Quick Voice Formatting commands, which allow users to issue a single voice command, such as "Bold Quick Voice Formatting" to make formatting text faster than ever.

Nuance adds that, with Dragon, spoken words appear on the screen almost instantly.