For all of us out there who obsessively check our MySpace page, there is good news today.

MySpace has signed a deal with the pioneering provider of free-to-end-user Wi-Fi - The Cloud - so that you can access the social networking website on the go from thousands of UK locations.

The Cloud will provide all new and existing MySpace users with free Wi-Fi access to wherever The Cloud's network is available.

And this is, at the moment, in over 7000 UK locations.

Anthony Lukom, Managing Director of MySpace UK commented: "MySpace users want to easily communicate with their friends and discover exciting, relevant content wherever they happen to be".

"The Cloud now offers them this opportunity in thousands of great locations, whether it's their local McDonalds, a travel centre or even sports stadiums."

Steve Nicholson, CEO, The Cloud, added: "MySpace is renowned as one of the world's leading social networking platforms, which makes it an ideal partner for us".

"The Cloud is delighted to be working with MySpace to provide many millions of its users free access to their music, video and friends over Cloud Wi-Fi."

The joint promotion will initially run until October.