A company that specialises in data-leakage prevention is to be bought by security software pro McAfee.

A £23m deal is reported to be on the table for Reconnex, which will be the second company in this arena of technology that McAfee has bought.

In February 2007, McAfee's made its first move into the DLP (data leakage prevention) market when it bought Onigma.

That company is now called DLP Host, and its technology is used as a server log to monitor data activity, centrally control security policies and block sensitive data transfers.

Reconnex's technology is going to be used to help figure out what information needs to be protected without prior investigations into data stores across the network, explained McAfee.

"Today's DLP [data-leakage prevention] solutions take too long to deploy and obtain results", Dave DeWalt, chief executive and president of McAfee, said in a statement.

"With the pending acquisition of Reconnex, McAfee expects to redefine the entire data-protection market."